Isn't shooting expensive?

Only if you want it to be! If you play golf or are a member of a health club, you may be amazed at how cheap shooting can be.

Annual target shooting club membership is likely to be in two figures or low three figures; serviceable equipment can be obtained for a few hundred pounds; and highly competitive firearms for top-class shots need not cost more than a couple of thousand pounds.

Most target shooting clubs provide 'club guns' free or at nominal cost, so your outlay can be minimal. And you are under no obligation to buy your own firearm, although if you get the shooting bug you will almost certainly want to!

If you want to shoot quarry, and are not in the happy position of either being a landowner or knowing one who will let you shoot for free, you will need to pay for your shooting, for instance by joining a 'syndicate' of rough or game shooters who have banded together to lease the shooting rights of a particular piece of land. You will also find shooting and stalking advertised by the day in shooting magazines.

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