Aren't guns banned here?

No. Shooting is among the most popular participation sports in Britain. Over a million people every year enjoy this sport, more than take part in rugby, hockey and athletics.

In 1997, competitive target shooting with cartridge pistols was banned following the Dunblane tragedy, but target pistol shooting continues here with air pistols and muzzle loading pistols and revolvers, and some British pistol shooters train abroad with their cartridge pistols, mainly in Switzerland.

The collecting and study of old guns is popular here too, and some people such as vets and farmers may need a firearm for their work.

NB Different laws apply in Northern Ireland

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P.E.Richards 18 May, 2010

I just need to buy a small Buck pocket knife from The Gun shop.

scott 4 May, 2011

where could i buy a decent air rifle on a low budget??

jay 28 November, 2011

do you need a licence for a crossbow ??

carlton 14 February, 2012

are dragon breath shotgun shells leagle in the uk

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